Free Hosting with Yearly and Lifetime Premium Membership

It’s just 3 easy steps:

1.) Register your domain (you can do this at a popular domain registration site like GoDaddy, NameCheap, and others. (Gold Host also register domains – it is not free).


2.) On your domain registar control panel, point your domain to the following nameservers (DNS):

NOTE: If you register domains on Gold Host you can skip this step, because all your domain settings will already be set.


3.) Go to:


Check option: I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers.

Note: You can also purchase/transfer domain here – but is not free. In this case, check the option “Register a new domain or Transfer your domain from another registar”.


Put you Domain name in field/s and click Continue.
On next page (Review & Checkout) you can see your Products (hosting) with $0.00 USD price.



Click Complete Order.



You must use same email address as PlrAtlas member. If your email address is not the same as your  PlrAtlas account, service will be suspended.


4.)After that you will get confimation E-mail from Gold Host. Please confirm your E-mail.

When you’re done you get E-mail “New Account Information” with your access data for cPanel, please keep it. (NOTE: Username and password for portal and cPanel Contol panel is not same).

NOTE: If you purchase domain on Gold Host, you get one more confimation E-mail for domain registar. Please confirm. (Attention: if you do not confirm E-mail, domain name can not be registered)

Please wait 15 min -24h for domain propagation (new DNS settings).


It is finish. Your WebHosting is ready.


Note: Gold SSD Standard hosting Package is available only to Yearly and Lifetime Premium members.


Please read  Terms Of Service on Gold Host website. Spam, viruses and other illegal actions can cause immediate suspension of the account.